What's it like at the Portland School of Hypnosis?

Considering enrolling at the Portland School of Hypnosis but want to get a feel for what it's like first? Here are some photos and comments from students that may help.

Here's what it looks like inside the Portland School of Hypnosis

We have several graduating classes each year!

Graduates of the 2013 Session 3 class at the Portland School of Hypnosis

Meet the 2013 Session 3 graduates

Hypnotizing each other on the very first day of class

One student practicing hypnotizing another - photo 1

Practice is very important!

Your eyes are getting very sleepy...

One student practicing hypnotizing another - photo 2

Future hypnotist relaxing on the job

For more photos check out the photo stream on the Portland School of Hypnosis' Facebook page.

Comments from Students

Students are asked to respond to an anonymous survey after completion of the course. Here are some of their responses.

"The instructor was the single most important asset to the class...her effort, energy and enthusiasm was extremely important."

"It was obvious that Debbie put a lot of thought and effort into the curriculum, the presentation and supplementing NGH material. It was a wonderful varied group of students. I will miss Debbie and everyone else."

"The teaching on how to use the outcome frame to get information and create a script on the spot or weave the client's words into an existing script was very helpful. This gives me the confidence I need to become a Consulting Hypnotist!"

"Debbie, you did a phenomenal job of ensuring that with each new skill we were introduced to, we had an opportunity to practice it several times. The more practice we can get the better it is to build self-confidence!"

"Debbie is an expert at relating her own experience as a successful hypnotherapist to students, so, just listening to her on a daily basis was helpful. I would say practicing the outcome frames, into the inductions, was what gave me the most confidence in working with clients."